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Art In The Community

Art Bombing is a really fun way to get art into the community! 

We ‘borrowed’ the idea from the Arts Council of Ladysmith and decided to do an art bomb for Easter with wooden Easter eggs generously cut out by South Shore Cabinetry.  We partnered with Palsson Elementary school and Lake Cowichan Secondary School and gave the students an opportunity to color them. Each design is unique and colorful and represents the work of young artists. 


The eggs are hung on trees and shrubs in the communities around Cowichan Lake, where the students,  parents and communities can enjoy them.  The art stays up for about two weeks, and then they were returned to the students. 

About 400 eggs were cut out and painted!

Cassy’s Coffee House.jpg

Cassy’s Coffee House

(Left to right) Handpainted Easter Eggs were hung at the Fire Hall, Honeymoon Bay and Mesachie Lake

We couldn’t do this without the support of the Town of Lake Cowichan and the generous donation of materials and labour by South Shore Cabinetry.  A special thank you to the parents, teachers, and community volunteers that come out to help ‘lay’ the eggs in the communities, and gather them up afterwards, often in the rain!

Next year, watch for Hearts in February!!

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Interested in supporting or being a part of a future art bomb? Contact

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