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Summer Concert Series

Celebrating our 3rd  Annual Summer Outdoor Concert, this free event includes live music, entertainment, vendors and many good food options. This is a fun outdoor event for all ages put on in partnership with Kent Ball (KB Entertainment Inc.) This event supports local artists and entertainers or those who have close links to the Cowichan Lake area. With easy accessibility to the venue, bring your own seating and enjoy the day!

September 2, 2023
Noon - 8pm

Central Park
52 Gordon Head, off of Cowichan Lake Road

Admission Free

The Hell Katz - Photo Credit: Kathie Fielding (2022)

The 2022 Summer Concert featured The Renovation Blues Band, Hell Katz and Kent Ball, who were supported by the excellent sound management of Trevor Linde.

In 2021, a wonderful performance was given by the Tzinquaw Dancers. The Four Lake Cowichan Tenors m/c’d and played for the afternoon.  There were 12 vendor tables and two food trucks – Gelato Truck, and Gerard’s.   

Photo Credit: Cim MacDonald (2021)

Photo Credit: Xtine Gorchinski (2021)

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